Anna Graceman speaks out on her traumatic experience in powerful new single, ‘Night Follows’ – Reignland

Singer-songwriter Anna Graceman has released a new single titled, ‘Night Follows’. The visual speaks of her traumatic experience of being carjacked at gunpoint. Her ability to be strong enough to speak up about the situation is amazing. Her vocals are epic and soulful, they touch the listeners soul with each lyric she speaks. The visual is very emotional and has an old school feel to it with her apparel and the filters over the scenes. You can sense the breakthrough she felt after singing these freeing words.

When speaking on the single, she says, “It’s hard to understand why bad things happen. For me, I haven’t been able to find a reason why I had these experiences. But I’ve been able to find a light amidst the darkness. I’ve been able to channel my experience into a song. A song that will hopefully speak to others who have their own fears and struggles following them around. I’m still working through things. The things I’ve been through have continued to follow me, but will no longer keep me awake. I can take the way the night behaves.”

She first gained attention at a young age performing on Ellen and America’s Got Talent, and has since released dozens of songs under her own record label. Anna also performs with her siblings Allie and Landon in their band, Graceman. This record is powerful and will make a lot of listeners feel empowered. I can’t wait to hear more from this artist, more of her story. Pick your reaction below or leave some feedback.

Get the track: https://www.annagraceman.com/