Andrew North releases powerful new album, ‘Allamagoosalum’ – Reignland

Piano singer and songwriter, Andrew North shares a new album, ‘Allamagoosalum’. The project has such a strong start with a classic light piano melody and airy vocals. The album goes on to bring in such soothing tracks like ‘The Gathering Storm’ and ‘Take Your Time’. His vocals carry so well from one track to another. As you get deeper into the project you are taken on this amazing journey of music and storytelling. It feels like a jaw-dropping cinematic presentation.

It almost feels like you are having a conversation with melodies and it is exceptional. I love how he tells such an empowering story as you get to end of this showcasing how he has grown into a better person. The melodies even get lighter as well as his vocals. The last song is such a soothing track with island vibes infused with powerful piano melodies.

“Speaking on the album, he says, Allamagoosalum is weird, whimsical, and a little spooky. It’s a concept album that weaves together the story of a mysterious, ghostly creature and psychedelic piano-rock tunes.”

He makes fun and quirky music – think Phish meets Ben Folds. Andrew is always trying new things – working solo, in a duo with drummer Pete Casselman, and with his 4-piece band, the Rangers, to explore jazz, Americana, progressive rock, and improvisation. His third solo album, Allamagoosalum, is available now. Don’t get lost in it.