Aline Mayne has released an empowering new visual for called “Superfreak” – Reignland

Aline Mayne has released an empowering track called “Superfreak” I liked the way the music takes you on a build-up and then hits the greatest notes ever! I liked the voice of the artist, and the background harmony was fabulous! ” Superfreak is an inspirational song about self-acceptance, no matter how weird or different we feel/are. Putting a positive light on the word “freak”. We can accept who we are, love ourselves, beloved and celebrate our uniqueness because it’s what makes us awesome! The music video features people of all shapes and sizes, looks and vibes, in a beautiful way.”, she said The diversity in this video is going to empower so many. We need to see more of this. The drums, guitar, and keyboard were crisp and perfectly placed in the track. ! Be sure to listen to this beautiful track and please leave feedback below.

Get the track: youtube.com, music.apple.com, deezer.com, soundcloud.com

Connect: https://www.alinemayne.net/