Alfa Blvck and Xavier Jacobs soar on new single ‘Wu-Tang Fever’ – Reignland

Alfa Blvck decided to drop a lyrical rocket on the music scene with his new single ‘Wu-Tang Fever’. For the record, he also enlisted Xavier Jacobs to add his personality to the song. The two both take turns at wowing the listener with their dope flows and raw lyrism about people who say his work isn’t conscious enough and his journey to be an elite MC. Xavior also comes out strong with his flow and personality. The added comedy skit at the end just shows how creative these two are not only as rappers but entertainers in general.


According to their press release, the record was made to pay homage to one of the most legendary rap groups in history, the Wu-Tang Clan. The Clan was known for its unique approach to rhyming as they combined elements of debaucherous punchlines with kung-fu metaphors. Most importantly, they were all skilled emcees in their own right.

I can;t wait to see what he releases next because this is a dope track.