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After an amazing show at Hotel Cafe this week, Alexi felt like inspiring her fans with some words of wisdom about social media and self-worth through a set of four tweets.

I wish social media didn’t show likes or numbers. Why does it have to be a participatory event where people have to “like” what you’ve done in order for you to feel validated? Likes and numbers on social media apps have absolutely nothing to do with your worth.

— Alexi Blue (@AlexiBlue) February 7, 2019

It just festers a sense of competition & comparison, which then leads to self-doubt, and then we wonder why our generation gets depressed. It’s a cycle that never ends. We’d be so much better off without a “like” button. One day all of these apps will be gone.

— Alexi Blue (@AlexiBlue) February 7, 2019

Ask yourself who u are w/o these apps. You are probably way better off. Without them you’d live ur life for you & do things for ur own self improvement. You’d concentrate on ur own shit instead of stressing out on whether or not you have the right angle or filter or lighting.

— Alexi Blue (@AlexiBlue) February 7, 2019

What a waste of time. Everybody looks perfect and a glossy on their social media. Trust me that’s not what it is. Who is going to post all the real stuff or the bad stuff? Nobody. It’s all a facade. SOCIAL MEDIA LIKES DONT DEFINE YOUR WORTH. These apps are gonna be gone one day

— Alexi Blue (@AlexiBlue) February 7, 2019

Social media does not define you. Some people forget that. Thanks, Alexi for always inspiring your fans.

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