Alexi Blue releases ‘Blue Print’ EP ​ – Reignland

Today is not only Alexi’s 21st birthday but day!!! Blue has released her second EP ‘Blueprint’. The four-track EP features two singles ‘No Good Love’ and ‘What I Want For You’, a new song entitled ‘Why Should I?’ and a bonus acoustic version of ‘I Don’t Speak Trust Fund’.The project is another solid work of art for the 21-year-old independent artist.

Falling in love with the empowering new track ‘Why Should I’ was as easy as I thought it would be. The track speaks of being okay with not falling into the standards of what young people should do or what’s trending.”Why Should I feel low cause I never wanna get high?” she sings in the chorus. Let’s talk about Alexi’s vocals on this whole project, amazing. Alexi has such a soulful voice that she brings to her music regardless if it’s just her and her guitar or an amazing pop beat. I feel it. 

You can get the project on all streaming services and digital distribution platforms worldwide.

alexi blue