Aaron Spencer debuts with ‘Sticky Dancefloor’, a story about meeting someone that takes all your problems away for the night. – Reignland

Aaron Spencer is ready to debut his musical talents with his first single, ‘Sticky Dancefloor.’ It is inspired by the guitar tones of The Strokes. The lyrics speak about his time living in the NW of England and meeting someone that makes all of your problems go away just for that night that you are with it.

“I wrote this song when I was 18. Like a lot of people at this age, I was trying to figure out who and what I wanted to be. I had recently moved away from the town I grew up in, my friends were blooming and moving on to top Universities. The government had hiked University fees, putting me off carrying the debt for years and possibly decades into adulthood. I was working two part-time jobs with no sign of progression or forward path. Applying for ‘career-potential’ jobs and facing rejection time and time again.”

He continued, ‘Feeling hopeless and depressed, I went on a night out to Manchester with my friends and ended up in a nightclub called 42s. Unlike the places in my town they played music, I would listen to them in my bedroom. The DJ mirrored my music taste – The Smiths, The Strokes, The Stone Roses, Courteeners, Artic Monkeys, etc. Which was a refreshing change to the recycled mind-numbing pop music I would pretend to enjoy in local nightclubs on a typical Saturday night?

42s was a place I had never experienced before. It was full of likeminded teenagers mostly united for one reason – the music. As a teenager/young adult, I lived my life by the music I listen to and as a result, it’s easy to hit it off with anyone who is on the page. I met someone that night. Wearing vintage clothes and eyeliner, seemingly inspired by Audrey Hepburn – I was rather stunned (albeit very intoxicated on alcohol). The pressure of being a lost young person diminished for a while.”

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