A Rocket Complex has graced us with a new track called “Freshen Up!” – Reignland

  A Rocket Complex are a duo from Portsmouth, UK. The band is made up of singer/multi-instrumentalist Will Powell (28) and ‘he just plays the drums’ drummerNathan Shervill (25). Their songwriting is an energetic blend of Alt Pop Rock and Prog, influenced by the likes of Chromeo, The Darkness and more. A Rocket Complex have notably played at the Alexandria Palace, Excel Centre, A Rocket Complex’s ‘Freshen Up!’ is the song you need for when you encounter a pushy cologne salesman in your local dive bar.

We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of a club night and you’ve had fair few alcopops; it’s time to break the seal. But what’s this? A man in a flowery shirt stands before you in the club toilet, with his wares all over the sinkside?! Is the hand dryer broken or did he just turn it off? This song is cute to me, and very well done. The hard drums are the star of this shoe! they are awesome! The vocals are great with the perfect lyrics! Love the lead guitar solo it was awesome. Great song! Be sure to listen to the track above and leave your feedback below.